**Our voice mail system is currently down and in the process of being fixed. If you call and are unable to leave a message, please email us at faculty@theandoverschool.com. We will return your email with a business day.**

2017-2018: Registration begins Wednesday, February 1, 2017 @ 8am. Private tours are now available. We will not be at the West Seattle Preschool Fair this year.




Preschool is for children who love to explore, play, get messy, learn from each other and their mistakes, and so much more!  Here at The Andover School we recognize that children acquire most of their knowledge through play-based activity. Hands-on experiences allow physical and mental connections fundamental to a child’s development. 

We aspire to help your child grow their pre-academic and social skills in experiential and hands-on learning. We emphasize social and emotional learning as this is the foundation for all other learning. We encourage children to feel empowered to put their own ideas into action (whether a rocket ship out of cardboard or inventing a new game). Our goal is to encourage a preschooler’s natural creativity and learning style. We teach pre-K education including, but not limited to: colors, numbers, alphabet, shapes, sharing, social skills, pre-reading skills and pre-mathematic skills.

We are a year-round part-day preschool experience in West Seattle for children 2.5 to 5 years old. Our two programs, AM Preschool and PM Pre-K, incorporate dramatic play, etiquette, music and movement, and creativity with social interaction in an unbiased atmosphere! We truly believe in our adage "learning through a sense of wonder". We are focused on experiential learning with art and hands-on activities central to the thematic curriculum.

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